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Cameo Wood is an EMMY® winning filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. Her most recent film Real Artists is available on iTunes/Kanopy/Amazon right now. She is currently working on her first feature. In 2018 she was a co-winner at the AT&T Film Awards for 'Best Emerging Artist' awarded by Ava DuVernay. Real Artists has won 35 awards including a regional EMMY®, has been nominated for dozens more, and continues to enjoy screenings at over 200 film festivals, museums, and television stations throughout the world. Her work has been on PBS, Aspire, and was featured in the Wing Luke Museum’s exhibit “Worlds Beyond Here: The Expanding Universe of Asian Pacific American Science Fiction.”

She produced and co-directed episodes of The Alternative Guide to Secret Beijing which was featured on Atlas Obscura. Her first film, Dukha in Summer, premiered at the St. Louis Film International Film Festival and was nominated for best short at five others. Cameo is a member of Cinefemme, Women in Film, Alliance of Women Directors, Film Independent, WomenNMedia, and the co-founder of the SF chapter of Dinner with Dames. She co-founded the Coven Film Festival, a showcase of films made by women. She is a regular speaker at the Camp Reel Stories' Girls Day Workshop. Cameo has participated in the inaugural Sundance Co//ab Screenwriting, Episodic, and Fiction Directing programs. 


Cameo has studied Medical Neuroscience at Duke University, Futurism at Stanford University, Witchcraft & Magic at Bennington College, Aerospace Engineering at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Egyptology at University of Pennsylvania. She is currently studying Dramatic Arts at Harvard University. From 1995-2008 She was an engineer at GTE Labs, Sprint, Lucent, and Cisco. In 2008 She founded Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper; the first urban beekeeping store in America, and currently serves on the board of the beekeeping non-profit SF Bee-Cause. 

Tell the stories you want to see. We are the people that help to define normalcy and culture. It’s a massive responsibility and opportunity. If we want to see more women cinematographers, actors in lead roles, we have to make it happen. Every film you make, push the boundaries of what is normal. Don’t settle for an all male crew, spend a bit more effort to find those women/PoC/#filmdis artists that are hungry for the opportunity. Be the change.

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