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In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern 'creative' process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

12 Minutes | Shot on Kodak 35mm Panavision Millennium XL | On Location in Oakland, CA


Sophia scores an interview at her dream job; the world famous animation studio, Semaphore.  The chief creative officer and legendary designer, Anna Palladon, is interviewing her for the final interview.  It comes to light that Sophia had fan-edited Semaphore's blockbuster hit, Mythos, and had distributed it online to rave reviews. Initially Sophia is crushed and thinks that her chances to be hired are now ruined, until Palladon reveals that this was the sole reason Sophia was given the interview.  After signing a draconian NDA, Sophia is shown into the creative heart of Semaphore Films, and the dark truth of the future of animation is revealed. 

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A 911 call thrusts Elliot into a scene of violence and destruction and they find themselves making the ultimate sacrifice.


6 Minutes | Shot on Arri Alexa Mini | On Location in Los Angeles, CA


When Elliot receives a chilling 911 call, their life takes an unexpected turn as they find themselves at the center of a harrowing scene filled with violence and destruction. As the situation escalates, Elliot must confront their fears and make a heart-wrenching decision that could potentially cost them everything.

Visit the website for more cool stuff about the film.



A blind assassin confronts an adversarial representative of the competition.

4 Minutes | Shot on RED Epic Dragon 6K | On Location in San Francisco


In a world of shadowy assassins, a blind killer finds themselves face-to-face with a formidable adversary representing their rival organization. Determined to protect their own existence and triumph over the competition, the blind assassin must rely on their sharpened senses, unparalleled skills, and cunning strategy to confront their powerful adversary head-on. 

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A short visit to the reindeer herders of the east taiga in Mongolia.

6 minutes | Shot on iPhone 5 | On Location in Mongolia


Living a nomadic lifestyle, this small group of reindeer herders move with the seasons between their camps in the taiga, riding their reindeer and finding joy in the pleasures of life. A sense of intimacy with a 'home video' feel.

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A video travel guide series giving insight into the skyrocketing alternative art, fashion, music, and nightlife culture in Beijing.

23 Episodes/2-5 minutes Each | Sony DSLR | On Location in Shanghai and Beijing China


Through blog posts and bite-size video-stories, The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing offers world travelers an inspiring insider’s view into one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding contemporary art, music and fashion scenes in the world. The Secret Guide covers everything from the city’s major attractions to offbeat art galleries and shops, interviews with key innovators and influencers in Beijing’s creative community, as well as practical information and more.

Visit the website for more cool stuff about the show.

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