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Dukha in Summer

5 Minutes | Shot on iPhone 5 | On Location in Mongolia

Client: Charming Stranger Films

Completed: Spring 2014


Traveling to this remote hinterlands of Northern Mongolia required difficult travel by plane, van, horse, and reindeer. I had to help build bridges, ford white rapids, and escape attackers to capture this simple day in the life short documentary of the Dukha people of Northern Mongolia. Living a nomadic lifestyle, this small group of reindeer herders move with the seasons between their camps in the taiga, riding their reindeer and finding joy in the pleasures of life. As a crew of one, I interviewed and captured the lives of the people there. I worked to create a sense of intimacy and a sense of a 'home video' in order to engage the audience in an nonconfrontational and judgmental way.

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