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Real Artists (2017) | Short Film

12 Minutes | Shot on Kodak 35mm / Panavision Millennium XL | On Location in CA

Client: Charming Stranger Films

Completed: January 2017

View The Making of Real Artists

Sophia scores an interview at her dream job; the world famous animation studio, Semaphore.  The chief creative officer and legendary designer, Anna Palladon, is interviewing her for the final interview.  It comes to light that Sophia had fan-edited Semaphore's blockbuster hit, Mythos, and had distributed it online to rave reviews. Initially Sophia is crushed and thinks that her chances to be hired are now ruined, until Palladon reveals that this was the sole reason Sophia was given the interview.  After signing a draconian NDA, Sophia is shown into the creative heart of Semaphore Films, and the dark truth of the future of animation is revealed. 

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